Donate to the CEF of Wisconsin State office

If you wish to donate to CEF of Wisconsin, We have multiple avenues. You may use whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you. You can take advantage of our Online donation page, monthly giving using CC or direct withdrawals can be set up. (on the right) Or if you prefer Paypal or Snail mail are also available. If you desire to set up recurring donations on a monthly basis, and are not comfortable with setting it up online see our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form.

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Donate to a Chapter

To donate to a local chapter, or specifically on behalf of a local director, please navigate to the page of their respective local chapter for further information on where to send your donation.

Donate to a CYIA Teen

To donate on behalf of a teen involved in Christian Youth in Action, locate, if you have such knowledge, the area they are from or the chapter they are associated with and donate via that chapter's Paypal account or mailing address. Then, email the local director including the amount given and the teen you wish to support. Concerning all other circumstances where knowledge of these things is uncertain, you may for further assistance contact the state director by phone or email.

Donate to other CEF Staff

To donate to a CEF intern or other staff, locate their appropriate chapter for whom they are working and follow the instructions given (or contact the local director of their respective area for further help).

Having Trouble?

If none of the above circumstances apply to the person or aspect of the ministry you are seeking, find the appropriate chapter you wish to donate to and place in writing the specific person or ministry. Otherwise feel free to contact the local director. They will be happy to help!

Donations are processed securely through Vanco Payment Solutions

If you prefer mailing your donation:
Child Evangelism Fellowship
PO Box 443
Plover, WI 54467

Local Chapters

Greater Madison
North Central
St. Croix Valley
Upper Fox River
Western Wisconsin

Announcement Concerning Donations:

To donate to any chapter, navigate to their local webpage by clicking the location tab on the top or to their direct website to donate. Sorry for the inconvenience! Listed below are the chapters with access to Paypal at this time: