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Romans 10:16 (ESV), “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News!” As students are looking into serving with Christian Youth in Action, you as a parent have a big role! It can be hard in this world as students are told that the most important things are college, money, others’ opinions, living life for yourself, etc. They are often told they should not participate but rather get a “real job” and spend the summer focused on themselves. You are one of the biggest influences in their lives and can encourage them to live a life focused on Christ, to put Him and others first, and to have “beautiful feet” as Romans 10:16 says.


Chris & Julie's daughter teaching at their church

My wife and I have been acquainted with CEF for a number of years now. Several of our older children have been through the training and then taught Summer Good News Clubs in our area. We believe CEF to be a valuable tool to help the local church. The two aspects of CEF that we appreciate most are:
1) That the student leaders are trained to present the Gospel clearly and passionately
2) That the student leaders gain valuable experience publicly communicating (teaching) what they have learned

We would encourage teenagers to consider getting the training that CEF provides and then put that training to good use in summer Good News Clubs through their local church.”

– Pastor Chris & Julie Juvinall


What are the benefits for my student?

They will learn how the Gospel should affect every part of their life, and how to share that Gospel message with others in a clear, concise way.

They will meet and serve with other God-centered young people from around WI building quality lifelong friendships.

They will learn how to work in different teams, with an adult host, to teach their part of the summer Good News Club.

The students will lead the club which gives them confidence and builds their problem-solving skills as they take on this responsibility.

They will grow in their own walks with Christ through chapel messages, cabin devotions, classes, prayer times, and teaching the clubs.

Through all of these things, they will learn they need to depend on Christ as you cannot serve Him out of your own strength.

What is my part as the parent?

You will be their greatest prayer partner and encourager! Come alongside them as they do something with eternal value and face struggles in this spiritual battleground.

During the weeks when your teen is teaching, they may need time in the evenings to prepare for the next day’s teaching, you may need to help remind them.

As with any job, they will most likely need transportation to and from a team meeting place each day.

Child Evangelism Fellowship will have screened volunteers/staff that drive the team of students between the clubs each day. Parents can volunteer to be one of these drivers for a week or more!

What is the cost and How is it raised?

The parents/student are responsible to pay a $30 registration fee.

The students and local staff will work together to raise the prayer and rest of financial support needed for the whole team through the CEF policy of “Ask God, Tell His People.”

We will help them in raising this support through praying with them, a Bible study on support raising, assembling letters together, and potentially speaking at their own churches.

Students are encouraged to volunteer their first summer. Experienced students may want to talk to a local staff person about being paid. There are different hourly rates based on experience.

Contact a local staff member for information on the CYIA financial policy.

What's the time commitment for my student?

All-Day Orientation- Late April/Early May 

Pre-Training Class- May or June 

Statewide training at Camp Fairwood June 9th-15th. During this time your student will be staying overnight at Camp Fairwood. Generally, this is the only time they are required to stay away from home. 

Local training all day from June 17th-21st. During this time your student will be in training and needs to be there each day. The training should be the top priority of that week. 

Summer Clubs for 2-7 weeks and 4-5 days/week. Volunteers are required to teach at least 2 weeks, and paid students are required to teach at least 4. There may be other opportunities in your chapter to serve at certain events to fulfill their requirements.

They’ll typically help teach 2-3 clubs per day with each club lasting an hour and a half. With the drive time between clubs, the days are around 8 hours, but times vary from week to week and chapter to chapter.

For more information on CYIA, or to apply, visit our  CYIA page 

For more information on CYIA training, visit our training page