Christian Youth in Action

As the ministry year for Child Evangelism Fellowship is quickly drawing to a close, we want to thank and acknowledge all of the friends and families who provided financial support for our summer missionaries.  The Greater Madison Chapter was blessed with two new summer missionaries this year who covered a large geographical area that included Whitewater, Janesville, Madison, and New Glarus.  Both of their families have a rich history with the Greater Madison Chapter.   

Angie Petrovic, specialized in presenting the missionary story to children this summer.  Angie is a talented actress and a gifted musician.  She applied her gifts and talents enthusiastically while teaching the Scriptures through song and movement.  Angie was led to salvation by Edwina Marshall who served in the Greater Madison Chapter for 50 years before moving to Oregon. 

Moriah Cooper,  is the daughter of senior Pastor Owen Cooper of Living Word Church in Whitewater.  Moriah taught the Bible lessons this summer.  She has a strong background as a self-starter.  She established a Bible club at an elementary school in her area and serves  as a  leader in youth ministry at their church.     Thank you for your loving service!

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