Look around  you!  See the precious children!  Listen to the children laughing on the playground.  Smile as you see them playing with each other, perhaps even in your own yard.  A heart-warming picture. 

              Now imagine them as our Lord sees them.  Lost, blind, lonely, hurting, hopeless without  Him.  Two out of every three children that you see are not likely to attend church or Sunday School anywhere!  Many live in broken homes or abusive situations but the worst thing is that they have no parent to share the hope of Christ with them.

Through Child Evangelism Fellowship you can reach these children where they are: on playgrounds, in schools, in neighborhoods, at fairs, and in their homes, with the love of Christ. He has commanded that we “go” into all the world and preach the Gospel. 

“Here” is the mission field He has placed us in.  Will you consider what the Lord would have you do to reach the children?  The fields are white unto harvest.  Will you say, “Here I am, Lord, send me!” by giving, praying, and working with whatever gifts God has given you?   


Western Wisconsin CEF

Anne has served as a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship since 1990. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation from U-W La Crosse and a diploma from the Children's Ministry Institute®. Her articles on ministering to children have been published in C.E.F.'s TEACH KIDS Magazine and the Wisconsin Christian News.

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